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Become a HELP Brief Intervention partner to improve and measure the social dimensions of end-of-life care.

HELP is an integrated approach to end-of-life care. We use a strengths-based social prescribing service model to unlock untapped assets – at national, state, regional and local level – that can improve end-of-life care outcomes for all Australians.

We understand that Australian communities and organisations have a valuable role to play in end-of-life care and support.

Through linking community capacity with health and palliative care expertise, we support communities through a palliative care network-centred approach to work together at generating local solutions to end-of-life concerns and to develop resilience around death, dying and bereavement.

The Healthy End of Life Planning Brief Intervention improves social and practical outcomes for people at the end of life and their families and carers through wrapping network-centred care around person- and family-centred approaches.

This evidence-based brief intervention, which includes the HELP App for families and HELP Digital Systematic Data Collection for organisations, is a health promotion approach to palliative care built on decades of research and practice at La Trobe University.

Research shows there are people in our communities willing to contribute at the end of life; that they are capable and essential, but offering, asking for and accepting help can be challenging.

The HELP Brief Intervention:

  • is easily delivered within the day-to-day context of service delivery
  • requires as little as 5 minutes of thoughtful interaction
  • can be delivered within any setting and by all practitioners
  • produces sustainable impact within families and communities

By integrating HELP as a routine part of service delivery, network-centred care is ‘prescribed’, or advocated for by trusted professionals providing care for people, giving families the ‘permission’, or nudge often needed to activate and mobilise their social networks.

Professional development, co-branded resources and implementation support can be provided to organisations that choose to integrate HELP into their programs, along with data that measures and demonstrates the impact of the social intervention.

Stories from HELP research

Now, when I think of how much time I spent vacuuming and cleaning so the house was clean for the palliative care nurses, I regret it. I could have spent more time with Mick. I don’t want other people to do what I did


Mother, father and daughter playing on the sofa
Help Education and training

As a HELP partner, you’ll have access to our full education and training program.

This will empower you to implement the HELP framework for your own project.

Thank you to our partners

Program Partners

State government and philanthropic funds support HELP’s development and operation.

Victoria State Government - Department of Health
The Wicking Symposium
Palliative Care Australia
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Using the HELP framework

As a HELP partner, data will be systematically collected on your behalf via the HELP App.

By integrating your organisational data with that from the community, the HELP App lets you demonstrate your impact.

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